Garden: Green Bean Production is in Full Swing

It is late. I am tired. I just spent a long time cutting, blanching and bagging several zucchinis and green beans for the freezer. I put up everything I had picked including the 67 bush beans and three zucchinis I picked today. Because I know that tomorrow there will be even more beans to pick and probably more zucchinis. I started off picking 10 bush beans on Saturday. Then yesterday I picked 26. Today I picked 67. We’ll see what tomorrow will bring! Here’s what I picked today:

That red thing is one lonely grape tomato that FINALLY ripened. I probably could’ve left it on the plant another day but I just couldn’t stand it. I had to pick it. Here’s a picture of it on the plant before picking:

And now for the picture that I really wanted to post tonight and the main reason why I am still awake – the watermelon! I went out to the garden tonight after work and I kid you not this watermelon had doubled in size at least since yesterday. Yesterday it was about the size of an egg. Today it is about the size of a baseball. I couldn’t believe it! There are actually two of them that are this big.

The watermelon vines have really spread out and are starting to invade the space of some of the other plants. I am trying to redirect their growth to other areas.

I have several peppers now on my pepper plants and lots of blooms. This one is about the size of a golf ball. I saw yellow bell peppers at the store the other day for $1.50 apiece! It will be nice to have them right in my own garden.

Roma tomatoes:

Big boy tomato:

And finally the sunflowers are now officially as tall as I am. Look at how much taller they are compared to the compost bin:

Zucchini count – 15
Bush bean count – 103
Grape tomatoes – 1

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