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CSA: Week 7

Not much going on in the CSA share this week. Same stuff I’ve been getting before:

Turnip Greens
Green onion

For the first time in 6 weeks I did not get mustard greens!

Karin said that there are some bigger vegetables like squash and tomatoes on the vine however they were not quite ripe enough today to harvest. Hopefully next week! I’m really ready for something new.

I received eggs again this week even though I received them last week too. Last week was a make-up week from the week before when the hens were on strike so now I am back on track. I love getting the eggs however I’m having trouble using them all within two weeks. And now I have two dozen eggs in my refrigerator! Guess I’m having eggs for breakfast tomorrow. I might also give some to my grandma so she can make deviled eggs. She makes the BEST deviled eggs. Hmmm. I probably need to get that recipe from her…

Tomorrow I’m off to the farmers’ market to get a few things before work. Then tomorrow night I think my first zucchini will be ready to pick! Yessssssssss.

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