Garden: Welcome Green Beans, Watermelon, and Hello There’s a Zucchini!

Ok I could not wait to post another update about the garden. I went out there tonight after work and I could not believe what I saw.

Let me start with yesterday morning when I went out to the garden and saw that the zucchini plants finally had HUGE yellow open blooms on them. Later in the afternoon I went back out there and the blooms were all closed. Now I have been watching the fruit grow on my grape tomato plant for the past couple of weeks. Tomatoes grow out of the middle of the bloom on the plant. So when I saw the zucchini blooms closed I wondered how the heck are zucchinis going to come out of the closed blooms?

After work tonight I went straight out to the garden to check things out. I am standing there staring at the closed blooms on the zucchinis when suddenly my eyes are open and I see a good size zucchini right in front of me!

That thing is going to be ready to pick in a few days I think. The zucchinis apparently grow out from the bottom of the bloom, not out of the middle. I have no idea how I did not notice this thing until today! I mean it couldn’t have just appeared out of nowhere. At least now I know what to look for.

The bush beans that were blooming last week now have beans on them!

And I just noticed teeny little watermelons today as well:

The last picture I wanted to post is of the sunflowers. I knew they would be higher than the compost bin this week:

I can’t believe how everything is growing. There is also a tiny little pepper growing on one of the pepper plants. It’s not much to look at and I almost missed it. And one of the Roma tomato plants also has a little fruit on it too.

It’s going to be so much fun watching all this stuff grow in the coming weeks!

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