Garden: Blooms Everywhere!

I’ve gotten into a bit of a routine this month. CSA post, garden post, recipe post or two. Lather, rinse, repeat. Since I posted about my CSA last night I will now post an update on the garden. I took these pictures Monday evening. It seems like everything is growing really fast now and almost everything is on the verge of blooming. Blooms are exciting because blooms mean fruit!

I saw what looks like a little bean on the bush beans. Turns out it’s actually a bloom because a day later some of them started opening into flowers. Beans will follow soon though!

This is one of the yellow bell pepper plants. It also has tiny buds on it.

A view of the garden from the south. The zucchini plants have merged and are about to take over the world.

Watermelon is sprawling everywhere and is also blooming.

Sunflowers continue to be insane. See how high they are compared to the compost bin? I bet they reach the top this week.

Pole beans are off the charts! And off the poles!

Eggplant blossom. This plant doesn’t look very big so I was suprised to see a blossom on it. It’s a really pretty purple blossom.

Grape tomatoes on the plant. This plant has decided to grow out instead of up. It’s kind of crazy. It has about 13 little green tomatoes on it as of last night.

These are the nasturtiums I planted in the afternoon before the storm. I thought they might have been washed away but they are coming up very nicely. Nasturtiums are supposed to help repel pests.

The zinnias have made a huge comeback. I think their buds are really neat looking.

Everything is looking really good so far. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way!

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