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CSA: Week 6

This week in my CSA share I received:

Turnip with greens attached
Mustard Greens
Green onions
Dozen eggs

The hen union must have come to terms with their employer because they appear to be back to work. 🙂

I’ve learned with my CSA produce that I have to wash all the greens on Tuesday night when I get home or I’m probably not going to end up using them. If I wash them immediately and store them in my salad spinner I’m a lot more likely to pull them out and eat them. If I just stuff them into the crisper drawer in the fridge or just shove the entire bag in the fridge then they more than likely will not see the light of day until I realize they are dried out or wilted and have to chuck them into the compost pile.

Tonight I did not just shove my greens and lettuce into the fridge, I took the time to wash them and cut off some of the big stems before storing them all in my salad spinner. By the way I highly recommend a salad spinner if you eat a lot of fresh lettuce. Back in week 2 I received a huge amount of lettuce and it stayed fresh in my salad spinner for over a week.

This week the lettuce came on its little stems instead of all loose. I was in the process of separating the leaves from the little stems when A BUG CRAWLED OUT FROM UNDER A LEAF. Now it’s not that I am afraid of the bug. It’s the surprise of the bug being in a place where I am not expecting it. And this was not just a tiny little bug. It was minimum 3/4 of an inch, maybe an entire inch long.

Of course I screamed like a wussy girl and threw the lettuce with the bug into the sink full of water. I then jumped up and down in the kitchen for a few seconds going “ew! ew! ew!” Then I proceeded to drown the bug with the sink sprayer. I managed to separate the bug from the lettuce so I could pull all the lettuce out of the sink sans bug. Then I drained the sink and watched the bug go down the drain. And that was the end of the bug.

I then went back to separating the lettuce leaves from the stems. When I was finished I turned back to the sink to refill it with water. And I am not kidding you – the bug was crawling out of the drain!!!!!!!!!!! I have no idea how the bug survived the water massacre I bestowed upon him. I hit him with the sprayer again and then dumped three changes of sink water on him as I finished cleaning my greens.


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