Homemade Cheesy Crackers

I've been on a roll with homemade crackers.  First I made Good Seed Crackers, then homemade whole-grain Ritz crackers, and finally a few weeks ago I made homemade cheesy crackers (aka Goldfish or Cheez-its but in different shapes).  The recipe I used was: Vegan Goldfish Crackers @ Chef Chloe The changes I made were to… Continue reading Homemade Cheesy Crackers


Real Food & Ritz Crackers

A week or so ago a friend posted a link to an interesting article on Facebook: How Food Companies Exploit Americans With Ingredients Banned in Other Countries Written by Food Babe, via 100 Days of Real Food Please click through and read the article if you have time. I was floored by the information. I… Continue reading Real Food & Ritz Crackers