Cheesy Spinach Rice Bake

 Last week I had some leftover rice, half a bag of frozen spinach and the ingredients to make "cheezy" sauce from Veganomicon.  What did I do?  Made a Cheezy Spinach Rice Bake of course!  Cheezy (or Cheesy) Spinach Rice Bake Leftover rice, about 2-3 cups, brown or white (I used brown) Half a bag of… Continue reading Cheesy Spinach Rice Bake

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Sweets for Your Sweetie

Happy Valentine's Day! One of the neat things about Word Press is that I can see my "blog stats" a lot better.   I can see what blog posts are getting the most views and I can also see what search terms people are using to find my blog.  It seems that everyone wants to make… Continue reading Sweets for Your Sweetie


Cheesy Turnips & Carrots

In my fourth CSA share I received turnips which I have never purchased, cooked or eaten before. They never really sounded appealing to me before. However now that they were in my possession I felt the need to at least try them. I researched recipes and found this one. I figure you can put cheese… Continue reading Cheesy Turnips & Carrots


Cream Cheese Squares

Last Friday a coworker and I decided to make breakfast for everyone in our department. We have ovens in our office which comes in very handy for cooking in the office, as well as baking cookies in the afternoon (people seriously do that and it makes the entire office smell like cookies). Our office does… Continue reading Cream Cheese Squares