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Mothers’ Day

My Mothers' Day celebrations started out on Saturday night.  Benzo and I met up with Movie Mom and my brother at the Olive Garden.  We had a lovely dinner.  I gave my mom a pretty flowering plant and my brother gave me a "soon-to-be mom" card, which was sweet of him.  It had been awhile… Continue reading Mothers’ Day


Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins

I don't usually make up my own recipes.  There are far too many good ones out there written by other people, and to be honest I'm not that creative.  People think I'm creative because I make stuff all the time, but really I'm just following other people's instructions.  My Type A personality is happy that… Continue reading Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins


Surprise Plants

One of the funniest things about gardening that I only learned last year is surprise plants.  Last year about this time I noticed these plants popping up all over the garden that looked very familiar.  Once I looked a little closer I found they were actually tomato plants.  I suppose it makes sense when you… Continue reading Surprise Plants


Chocolate Covered Cheezecake

In honor of Chocolate-Covered Katie, I present to you a chocolate covered post about chocolate covered cheezecake.  Chocolate-Covered Katie has quickly become one of my favorite blogs to read.  She is such a sweet person who posts about lots of sweet eats!  And not just sweet eats but very creative sweet eats.  Like Raw Cheesecake Filling.  And not… Continue reading Chocolate Covered Cheezecake


Blueberry Pancake Oatmeal

I love to eat oatmeal all through the winter.  It's so simple and comforting.  But alas!  It's starting to feel like spring outside this week!  Yesterday I went out for a fun lunch with my friend and I was soaking up the sunshine on the drive to and from the restaurant.  On the way back… Continue reading Blueberry Pancake Oatmeal


Banana Berry Oatmeal

I came across this recipe over at The Discerning Brute, a blog for guys that I happen to read sometimes (hey it's interesting!). It looked super delicious and very healthy so I knew I would try it. I made it for a late breakfast/early lunch last weekend after we got back from a morning at… Continue reading Banana Berry Oatmeal