Garden Planning

Thinking about starting a garden?  Read my post on Garden Planning.

Seed Starting

Start your seeds indoors with Recycled Seed Containers.
Read my post on Seed Starting
Read my post on Seed Thinning

In the Garden

Read my post on Transplanting
Read my post on Building Zucchini Hills
Planting carrots, lettuce and radishes
Planting bush beans

Gardening Books

The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible
You Grow Girl

Gardening Websites

Backyard Gardener
National Gardening Association – find your zone here.

Gardening Blogs

You Grow Girl
A Way to Garden
Skippy’s Vegetable Garden
Tiny Farm Blog
In My Kitchen Garden


Composting Fundamentals – on VegWeb
How to
Composting 101
Composting Wiki

Compost Part I – my first post on composting
Compost Part II – pictures of my compost bin
Everyday Composting – my post on how I compost in my everyday life


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    One of your links on the site is broken

    It’s, it’s been down for quite some time 😦

    Any chance we can get our site, up instead?

    thank you!

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