Cloth Diaper Stash

This is most of my cloth diaper stash.

The middle four columns are all BumGenius one size pockets.  They are mostly 4.0s with a few 3.0s.  We have the following colors:

5 white with aplix
2 grasshopper with aplix
2 ribbit with aplix, 1 ribbit with snaps
2 sweet with aplix
2 moonbeam with aplix, 1 moonbeam with snaps
2 butternut with aplix
1 clementine with aplix, 1 clementine with snaps

I know there is a noodle with aplix missing and I think there is a third butternut with aplix missing.  They were either dirty or on the baby at the time of this picture.

So that is a total of 21 BG pockets.  These are the only diapers we send to daycare.

The far right column is BumGenius all-in-ones, size medium.  There is one moonbeam, one clementine, and two twilights.  I bought two of these gently used from the Baby Center swap and the other two from Cotton Babies clearance section for only $10. 

In front are three one-size Flip covers, moonbeam, ribbit and grasshopper, all with aplix.  I have 6 stay-dry inserts to go with these that are not pictured.  I love the Flips on the weekends!  They are perfect for out and about because they take up less room in the diaper bag.  I also recently started using them at night and they are working well so far.

The left column are my one-off diapers.  These are either diapers that I bought to try and didn’t like enough to buy more or I received them free with a coupon at Kelly’s Closet.

Starting from the front we have:

  • Thirsties Duo in Cool Stripes – the jury’s still out on this one as it’s still a little big on Jack.  I do like the hemp insert a lot and have used it as a doubler at night.
  • Bright Star Baby in black, size 0 – did not care for this diaper and will probably try to sell.  Jack has outgrown it anyway.
  • Rumparooz one size pocket diaper with snaps in green
  • Happy Heiny one size pocket diaper with aplix in bright blue
  • Kawaii one size pocket diaper with snaps in a minky brown print
  • Kawaii one size pocket diaper with aplix in royal blue (not pictured)
  • Fuzzibunz one size pocket diaper with snaps in orange (not pictured)

I’m indifferent about the last five diapers.  They are fine but I like the way the BGs fit on Jack a lot better.

I also have a bunch of size small gDiapers but I didn’t really like them and don’t consider them part of my official stash.  I do however use the gCloth inserts as doublers at night.

So I think my grand total is 35 diapers if you count the Flips as one each.


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