You Rule Valentine!

For preschool valentines this year I showed my son a bunch of ideas on Pinterest and let him pick one.  Last year we did the “Have a Ball Valentine!”, which I chose.  This year he chose “You Rule Valentine!”.  And although there were several really cute printables already out there, Benzo made a new simple one in the shape of a heart!

We found the cute ABC rulers in a 12 pack for around $4 at US Toy.

Not pictured is my son’s sweet wobbly handwriting where he wrote his name on the bottom of each one.

Here is a link to the printable:

Free Valentine Ruler Printable

The printable is for personal use only.  If sharing I would appreciate a link back to this post.  The printable is designed to be printed on colored paper or card stock.  Alternatively you could print it on white paper or card stock and let your child decorate the hearts as they wish!

Any size ruler can be used with the printable.  An adult should use scissors or an exacto knife to cut the slits on either side of the words to slide the ruler through.

So easy and simple!



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