Veggie BLTs

Another simple summer dinner we’ve been loving on lately – BLTs made with veggie bacon!  We had this last week on Thursday and again last night.  I think I could eat it every other night.  It would also make an excellent lunch.

The key is this recipe for homemade veggie bacon from No Meat Athlete:

Vegan Bacon Recipe @ No Meat Athlete

It’s easy to make and full of regular ingredients.  We’ve pretty much stopped eating processed fake meats once I started paying attention to the extremely long and worrisome ingredient lists (other than the occasional Field Roast, which is pretty clean).  One batch makes enough for two meals for my family, though we could probably stretch it to three if we didn’t gobble down the extra pieces.  It freezes great post-baking, pre-frying.  And my 2 year old loves it.

I used three slices on my sandwich along with lettuce and sliced tomato from the garden.  We did use some Miracle Whip that’s been hanging out in the fridge.  Need to find a better alternative for that…..

Benzo, who is a meat eater, really likes this bacon.  I also really like the taste and think it would be great in lots of dishes that call for regular bacon.  It’s really crunchy though so if you like floppy bacon you might not like it.  When I ate meat I always preferred my bacon extra crispy.


We’ve been enjoying this sandwich with ears of fresh corn from the farmers’ market, shucked and boiled for 6 minutes.  Grilled corn would also be tasty.  I absolutely love all this summer produce!



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