Unpaper Cloth Napkins

I always wanted to make my own cloth napkins. But then I had a kid and life happens and I just never got around to it. Finally I broke down and bought some from Etsy a few weeks ago.

Side note: I absolutely love Etsy to the point of being mildly obsessed. Anyone else have this problem?

So one day while searching on Etsy I found these super cute unpaper cloth napkins from Green Little Nest.  I was first drawn in by the prints.  Then I realized these napkins were exactly what I wanted for my home.  The main reason being that these cloth napkins are the same size as paper napkins.  Before I found these almost all cloth napkins I looked at were huge.  I don’t need a huge napkin for my every day meals.  I just wanted something to replace a paper napkin (or a kitchen towel as Benzo and I had gotten used to using recently).


I ordered one set of 20 Mod Mixed Napkins (pictured above) and one set of 10 Boy Animal Napkins (pictured below).


These napkins have worked out perfectly for us for the last month that we’ve had them.  The are fun to use and wash up nicely.  We throw them in with whatever laundry we are doing to make sure we always have some clean.  Actually we have never run out so I probably could’ve just ordered 20 total instead of 30.  We do use the same napkin for one entire day (instead of clean ones at each meal) so that probably helps cut down on the washing.  Unless of course we eat something really messy – then we’ll get a clean one of course!

I will say that the napkins did shrink a bit upon first washing.  So now I hang them up to dry.  The shrinking didn’t affect their use at all, they still work great.  I just like to keep them the same size.

My mom was so jealous of my cute napkins that I ordered her a set of 10 for Mother’s Day.  She likes to pack them with her lunch when she goes to work.  The shop owner was so sweet and offered to include a note in the package.  Great customer service!

So save a tree and support a small business and order some unpaper napkins!

**I was not asked to review this product or given any compensation in return for this blog.  I just really like this product and wanted to share it with you. **



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