Heart Cookies

I mentioned the other day that I reconnected with roll-out sugar cookies over Christmas.  Our son had a lot of fun making them so we vowed to do it again for other holidays this year.  No reason sugar cookies can only be made at Christmas right?

I think with a cookie like this, it’s best to keep it simple.  I like to use Betty Crocker’s sugar cookie recipe from my big red cook book.  The recipe is also posted online:

Sugar Cookies @ Betty Croker

We made two different sizes of heart cookies and then frosted them with either red, pink or white basic buttercream and topped them with a variety of sprinkles.


We don’t get fancy around here.  It’s all about taste for me and homemade frosting is where it’s at.

Benzo did get a little fancy with this cookie:


It was his idea to cut the smaller heart out of the bigger heart.  I knew that cookie would be difficult to frost so I pressed the sprinkles into the dough before baking.  I like the way it turned out.  This is also a way to keep sugar cookies a little lighter.  No frosting saves a ton of calories.  I have seen a couple of recipes for a “healthier” sugar cookie that I might try in the future.

This recipe makes a ton of cookies.  It’s always a lot more than I think it will be at the beginning.  We are planning to share with family members.  Happy Valentine’s Day!



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