Ch-ch-ch-ch changes!

Over the past few months, some major changes have taken place in our family.

In May, I (Benzo) quit my job to care for our son full-time. It’s been an incredible couple of months so far. The month of May was spent preparing our home for two things. We weren’t prepared to have a little one run around all day long, so first and foremost, getting the house ready for an all day, every day, child-on-the-loose experience was the primary priority.

We had also decided to put our house on the market, and so many of our home improvement projects that were half-finished and had been put on hold since the arrival of our son needed finished. I spent the latter half of May trying to get our house ready to sell. We didn’t meet our self-set deadline of June 1st to get our house on the market, so the next few months we slowly worked toward getting our house ready. We officially listed it on the market on August 10.

Needless to say, blogging, while incredibly fun and important for us, hasn’t been a top priority. Things have finally settled down a little for us, and I am please to announce that I’ll be taking over the posts on Everything is Homemade! Amy will most likely chime in and comment from time to time, but I’ll be moderating the majority of the posts and will start to include many of our experiences with new meals, stay-at-home parenting, homemade products, and more.

My goal is 3-4 posts per week and hopefully they don’t dissapoint!


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