Asian Style Rice & Beans

The other day Benzo made Asian style rice & beans for dinner from No Meat Athlete.  Benzo makes dinner a lot these days as I am usually nursing Jack around that time.  Here’s the link to the recipe:

Tasty Twists on the Classic Complete Protein Meal: Rice and Beans 5 Ways

I have made the Baltimorean rice & beans before from this same post.  They turned out great and I’ve been meaning to try the other four versions.

Changes made:

  • Added some red pepper strips (though green would’ve been more colorful)
  • Did not have Chinese 5 spice so left rice plain
  • Drizzled with hoisin sauce
  • Did not stir oranges into mixture as they tend to disintegrate.  Just laid them on top of each dish after serving everything else.

All in all it was a hit.  Benzo and I both liked it a lot and agreed we would eat it again.  Benzo did say he did not care for all the chopping though so maybe next time we’ll try to do some chopping ahead of time.


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