Diaper Drying Rack

Remember when I posted about uses for recalled cribs?  Well I pulled out one of the sides of our recalled crib and brought it upstairs with an idea in mind:

A diaper drying rack!  We are cloth diapering Jack and I like to line dry the outer part to hopefully help them last longer.  I just lean the rack against the wall and slide the diapers in between the slats.

When it’s not in use I slide it behind the door out of the way:

It’s working out brilliantly!  Now I just need to figure out what to do with the rest of the pieces.


7 thoughts on “Diaper Drying Rack

    1. Hi Melissa. They were Bum Genius. I’m not sure Bum Genius has the same model any more but they should have options with Velcro.

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