Bump Watch: 38 Weeks

It’s been awhile since I posted a bump picture and I thought I better do it before I go into labor!  I’m officially full term now so it could be anytime.

I’m still feeling great.  I get tired and uncomfortable sometimes but overall I’m doing well.  My belly is getting so big that some of my maternity clothes don’t fit anymore!  You can see this shirt is barely long enough.  And now that it’s hot outside, but wardrobe is even more limited as I don’t have a big selection of warm weather maternity clothes.  That’s okay though.  Only a couple more weeks!

I’m getting really excited to meet Baby Boy.  I feel like I’M ready, but my house isn’t.  There are still a few things I would like to get done.  But if he decides to come before that, oh well!  I’ll probably never feel like the house is totally ready.  There’s always something to do, right?


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