Farm Animal Cake Pops

I want to be honest right up front:

I did not make these amazing cake pops!

These were made by my friend Jenni.  She made them for the same church function for which I made the Funk bars.  The theme of the night was Hee-Haw, so she made farm animal cake pops including a cute farm display.

I think it’s obvious that this was the star dessert of the night.  There were pigs, cows and chickens.

Isn’t the detail amazing?!?  I have no idea how long it look her to make all these.  I’m sure it was not a quick process.

She even made little signs to indicate that each animal was a different flavor.  The pigs were strawberry (that sign was on the other side of the display).

The cake pops were gone so quick.  Personally I just couldn’t bring myself to eat one.  I didn’t want to bite their cute heads off!

I’ve never made cake pops before.  I made cake balls during the holidays, but they were kind of a pain.  Although very tasty and my family loved them.  Cake pops are the same thing just with a stick in them.  Here are a few recipes and links if you are interested:


3 thoughts on “Farm Animal Cake Pops

  1. I’m going to try making sock monkey cake pops. I love your friend’s farm animals. Do you know where she bought the faux grass? I think this is the perfect display for the monkey pops.

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