Millions of Peaches

On Saturday morning one of my neighbors came by to tell us that his peach trees were producing and to let him know if we wanted any peaches.  I didn’t have to think very long before I said “YES”.  I went by on Sunday to get some but he was already out for the day.  Luckily his wife stopped by last night with 10 pounds of peaches for us.  I offered to pay of course and she would only take $7!  Seven bucks for 10 pounds of local peaches!

Tonight I am (hopefully) going to make a batch of low-sugar peach jam.  It will be nice to have a batch of peach jam to go with the batch of strawberry jam I made earlier this spring.  That way we can alternate jars and won’t get completely sick of one kind over the winter.  

Whatever peaches are leftover after the jam session will be frozen.  I am very excited about these peaches!  Thanks to my awesome neighbor for being so generous!


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