Almost Gardening Time

Last night Benzo and I took a trip out to the garden while our dinner was baking (which by the way was very good and involved quinoa and a bread pan – look for the post later this week!).  It’s so nice now that we have so much more daylight in the evenings after work.  I feel a lot more productive when the sun is shining.

Here’s what the garden looks like now:

Looks blah and desolate doesn’t it?  Dead plants and stakes laying around.  Weeds starting to poke up their heads.

This is the strawberry patch:

I need to get a new bird net to cover the strawberries this year.

This is a pile of dead plants by the compost bin that I pulled out of the ground at the end of last season.

And here’s the dead cabbage patch that we planted too late last fall:

But wait!  What is that green thing on the left?  It’s a cabbage!  A living one!  Here it is up close:

I can’t believe this cabbage somehow survived the winter and now appears to be thriving.  I’m so excited!  Looks like we’ll be getting one very early head of cabbage this year.

I was really, really hoping to put potatoes and other spring crops in the ground this week.  However, the ground in the garden is almost sopping wet.  We had a lot of rain last weekend so now we have a lot of mud.  And it hasn’t been warm enough to dry it out yet.  😦  I can’t put potatoes in ground that’s too wet because they will just rot.  Tomorrow it’s supposed to start getting warm and sunny so I’m hopeful the ground will dry out enough so I can plant by Thursday or Friday.  Because it’s supposed to rain again next weekend! 


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