Bite Bags

It has taken some time, but I have managed to transition to using reusable bags when shopping almost all the time. I have a stash of them that I keep in the car at all times and actually remember to bring them in the store about 90% of the time. Then when I get home and unload the groceries, I immediately put the bags back in the car. Yea for a good system.

It has always irked me though that even though I try to be good about using canvas shopping bags, I still used plastic produce bags. It doesn’t seem right to put a plastic bag inside a reusable bag. The point is to keep plastic bags out of landfills right? That includes those little produce bags too.

Let me introduce you to Bite Bags. These are reusable produce bags!

I can’t remember how I heard about these bags. Probably on a website or forum or something. Anyway as soon as I read about them, I went straight over to the website and ordered the “Rustic” 3 pack. I really wanted to order the cute pink ones but figured my husband wouldn’t be too crazy about shopping with little bags with pink trim.

Total cost with shipping was around $18 for all three bags. They arrived in about a week. So far I LOVE them! They are perfect for grocery shopping. And what I didn’t realize until I got them is that they are see-through. Here are two of mine in action with some potatoes:

I have used them at the grocery store several times now. Anything that I would put in a plastic produce bag I now put in these bags. I’ve also used them for dry beans from the bulk bins. The bags have a drawstring top with a cord lock that keeps the bag closed.

The problem now is that I only have three of them so I might be placing another order soon. I see that they also sell a little snack bag which would be great for my brown bag lunches during the week.

To purchase Bite Bags, go to www.sustainablebite.com


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