B.Y.O.B Popcorn

Bring Your Own Beer Popcorn…? Nope it’s Bring Your Own Bowl for free popcorn! On Tuesdays Dickinson Theatres have a great special – all tickets all day long are $5 each and if you bring your own bowl they will fill it up with popcorn for free. And give you free refills as many times as you want. The picture I posted is the big popcorn bucket that my mom gave us for Christmas. It’s the best! And its green because it’s reusable to we’re creating less trash.

My husband and I have gone the past three Tuesdays. For $10 we get a date night out with free popcorn. We usually get a large drink too which costs about $5, but hey that’s still only $15 for a night out!

According to the website it looks like the special is only for KC metro area theatres. But even if you don’t live here, look for great deals on movies in your area by checking the theatre websites. Dickinson doesn’t heavily advertise their BYOB special. I found out about it from my mom who saw it on their website. And each time we’ve been to the theatre there are lots of people without bowls who actually pay for popcorn. Suckers!!! We always tell them about the special though so they know for next time.

AMC theatres offers cheaper tickets on weeknights and in the morning. Around here the tickets are also $5 for weeknight movies and Saturday and Sunday morning movies. We almost never go to the movies on Friday or Saturday night anymore. Why pay double and fight the crowds if you don’t have to?

Oh and in case you are interested the three movies we’ve seen are:

Up in the Air
It’s Complicated

I enjoyed all of them but of the three I liked Up in the Air the best. Looking forward to the Oscars!


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