Garden Count Update

I have finally added up my tallys over the past two months and here are the numbers of everything I have picked from the garden so far. These numbers only include good items and do not include anything that went straight into the compost bin.

Zucchini – 77
Bush beans – 2,192
Grape tomatoes – 508
Okra – 98
Watermelon – 7 (102.5 lbs total)
Roma tomatoes – 126
Big boy tomatoes – 33
Yellow bell peppers – 15
Eggplant – 19
Broccoli – 2 heads
Enough basil to make approximately 8 batches of pesto
Several bouquets of zinnias (one or two each week)

Now some of the counts are a bit misleading. The tomatoes and beans would be better presented in pounds instead of eaches since tomatoes and beans can vary greatly in size. However I do not have a food scale so I count them instead.

I want to get some average prices for these items from my local grocery stores and calculate how much this yield is worth. For example today I saw watermelons at my grocery store for $5.99 each! That would mean my seven watermelons above are worth approximately $42.

But would I have actually purchased seven watermelons this year if I didn’t have them in the garden? Probably not. However since I did have the watermelon to eat, I’d like to think that I bought less of something else to eat and ate the watermelon instead.

Anyway at the end of the season I will compile that information and post.


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