Harvest 8/27/08

Here’s what I harvested yesterday:

The peppers are looking better and better. The first few I picked about a week or 10 days ago were not looking so hot. And before that there were several that rotted right on the plant that had to go straight to the compost.

That’s the biggest quantity of big boy tomatoes I’ve picked at one time so far. Tonight I turned them all into diced tomatoes for the freezer. That was an extremely time-consuming and messy process. I’ll have to post about that some other time.

The beans are still producing very well. I picked over 100 almost perfect sized beans.

Speaking of beans, so yesterday evening I’m out in the garden picking beans. I’m knee deep in the middle of the bean plants, bending over at the waist to paw through the bean plant leaves when I hear a loud buzzing. At first I think maybe it is a motorcycle on the nearby road (there’s a biker bar not too far away from the house). But then I feel something very large and vibrating land on my back.


I screamed so loud, threw beans into the air, and began scrambling out of the bean plants flailing my arms about. I didn’t see what actually landed on my back, but I’m assuming it was a hornet of some sort because I have seen them flying around the garden before. If my neighbors saw me I’m sure they now think I’m a complete lunatic.

At this point I was ready to pack up and go back in the house. I do not like things that buzz and sting. I’m a huge baby when it comes to bees, wasps, hornets, etc. However I had not picked beans the day before and I already saw tons of perfect sized beans that were ready to be picked and could not wait another day. So I forced myself to go back into the garden and get the beans.

That darn hornet buzzed me at least three more times (but he didn’t land on me again thank goodness). My hands were shaking and I was thinking to myself, “I’m sacrificing my life for these beans!” A bit dramatic, yes. Everytime the hornet buzzed me I would jump out of the beans and run out of the garden. Then I would have to wait a few minutes to calm down and coax myself back into the garden. I finally got through the beans and ran back to the house without being stung or bitten, whatever hornets do.

I remembered later that evening that I had read an article in a magazine (probably Real Simple) about how to have a great picnic. One of the tips was to NOT bring a brightly colored blanket to sit on because bees and wasps are attracted to the bright colors. Well yesterday I had a bright purple t-shirt on when I was out in the garden. That was probably like wearing a sign that said “hornets please buzz around me!”. Note to self – no more purple shirts in the garden (or any other bright color for that matter). Note to hornets – please do not buzz me anymore! Stay over in the sunflowers where you belong and leave my veggies alone.

One year ago today I posted:
Homemade Granola

Hmm…I haven’t made a batch of that in awhile and it sounds really good. Maybe I’ll make some this weekend…


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