The Truthful Watermelon

About a week ago I posted about how I picked a watermelon a little bit too early. Well also about a week ago I decided to go ahead and pick another one despite my fears of getting another unripe melon. I took my clippers out to the garden and picked out the biggest melon in the patch. I knocked on it to see if it sounded hollow (although I swear the last melon had sounded hollow too). It did. I tried to determine the weight of the melon by picking it up. The seed pack for this variety said that the melons should be about eight pounds. I considered getting an eight pound dumbell from the house and taking it out to the garden so I could compare the weight. I then decided I was too lazy to walk all the way back to the house to get said dumbbell.

Finally I just decided to go for it and snipped the melon from its vine. This is the year of learning in the garden and I’m going to have to learn how to pick ripe melons somehow. I carried the melon back to the house. It felt heavy and it was really warm from the sun.

Once back in the house I determined that this melon was 13 pounds! Sheesh. Way more than the eight pounds I was supposed to get. Now I don’t actually have a food scale to actually weigh the watermelon. I determined its weight by weighing myself holding the watermelon and then weighing myself without the watermelon and then applying the difference to the weight of the watermelon. This is also how I came to know that I have a 22 pound cat. The watermelon didn’t scratch my arms in the process though thank goodness.

This melon is quite a bit bigger than the last one.

I washed the dirt off the melon in the kitchen sink and then rubbed it dry. I set it on the cutting board and got out my knife. The moment of truth. I said a prayer and started slicing it in half. This is what I found:

It was ripe! Awwww yeah! I was ecstatic! I grew this melon in my own backyard! Can you even believe that? It’s crazy! I cut the whole thing up and took it over to a family barbeque. It was delicious and there was a ton of it to go around. Then I ate the leftovers in my lunch all last week. MMMMMM.

Here is the watermelon with my 22 pound cat, aka Cheddar:

Cheddar is way bigger than the melon. Cheddar is like an orange melon with legs. He is humongous.

I can’t believe I grew a watermelon and I could actually eat it. I’m so excited by this. I hope many more grow before the season is over!


3 thoughts on “The Truthful Watermelon

  1. My squash vines have become infested with the squash bugs as well. I’m very sad, because I was getting just enough yellow squash to keep me happy – and then nothing. Then I found the bugs in their nymph form, which totally freaked me out. What’s worse, they got to my red bell pepper plants too!But this post has given me hope that I can try again next year – I’m determined to grow more of my own produce!

  2. Is the nymph form when they are little baby bugs? Because I just found a TON of them around the base of one of my remaining zuke plants. I dumped a bunch of hot sauce-soap-water spray on them and I haven’t seen them since. It is sad to lose a plant even when you are tired of what it’s producing. That freaks me out a bit that they got your pepper plant because my pepper plants are right next to the zucchini plants. EEEP!

  3. Look at all that watermelon!!! Yum, yum!! I can’t believe your cat is so big! Little Matthew is only 11 pounds!!! He’s TWO of Matthew!!!!

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