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CSA: Week 11

This week I received:

FOUR ears of corn (yeah!)
1 cucumber
1 radish
a bunch of small yellow tomatoes
a bunch of cherry tomatoes
one dozen eggs

The corn was really good last week so I was keeping my fingers crossed for more corn this week. I was really glad to see double the amount!

I used the yellow tomato from last week to make another batch of homemade salsa. It was even better than the first batch and was gobbled up in a matter of days. I plan to make more immediately.

I have tried a ton of new recipes recently but I haven’t had much time to get them posted. I am going to try to get them posted soon.

The garden is looking great. I think the beans are winding up their production cycle. We were able to save a couple of the zucchini plants so we are still getting a few zucchinis (though not in the same large quantities thank goodness). Okra has really ramped up so I will be trying out some okra recipes soon. There are currently SIX eggplants on the two eggplant plants so I will also be cooking up tons of eggplant. The tomatoes are finally starting to ripen. I have a feeling it will be a flood of tomatoes in the next couple of weeks. Tomato sauce and salsa here I come. One last note, the sunflowers FINALLY have yellow petals on them but the darn things are so tall I can barely see them! I will post pictures of all of this soon.

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