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CSA: Week 10

Wow 10 weeks of the CSA are already down. We’re not even halfway there yet because the CSA program is 24 weeks total. Bring on the fresh farm food!

This week I received:

2 ears corn!
1 cucumber
1 yellow squash
1 yellow tomato
4 small salad tomatoes
3 radishes
1 spring oregano

I gotta say, I have really been enjoying this program so far. I’ve tried several new veggies that I might not ever have tried otherwise. I’ve been able to get to know the couple that runs the farm a bit after seeing them every week for the past 10 weeks. I look forward to picking up my share every Tuesday night and the surprise of what I might get, especially now that we are getting some larger veggies.

If you think you might want to join a CSA for 2009, start researching them now. Most CSAs that I found in my area were sold out way before the season started. I was lucky to get in on this one because it was the first year. I would suggest getting on a couple of waiting lists now that way if people do not renew for 2009 you’ll already be on the list of people to call to fill their spots. Find CSAs in your area by going to Local Harvest. That’s how I found mine!

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