Garden: Okra Comes Around

The garden is going strong! The okra has finally starting growing some new leaves and is getting bigger.

The watermelon has started sending out little vines.

The roma tomato plant is just about to flower.

The grape tomato plant has several flowers and four tomatoes on it so far. They are pretty big but still haven’t started turning red yet.

The zucchini is still going crazy. Those two big bushy plants in the front are them.

The leaves are huge! I took these pictures on Tuesday and I think that now the leaves are bigger than my head.

Some of the pole beans have almost reached the top of the supports. I’m not sure what happens when they reach the top. Do they just stop growing?

Bush beans also look good.

This basil plant has a big yummy leaf.

The broccoli that we direct sowed has started sprouting. It already looks stronger and healthier than the seeds I started indoors a few months ago.

The sunflowers are getting bigger and bigger. I’m starting to believe that they might actually reach 12 feet tall.

Finally the pepper plants have little flower buds on them. Hopefully the flowers open in the next few days.

Whew! That’s a lot of pictures. The excitement is just beginning.


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