Garden: Strawberries, Peppers & Marigolds

On Memorial Day I went to a nursery here in town and picked up some new plants for the garden. I bought two strawberry plants, a grape tomato plant, four yellow bell pepper plants and about twelve marigolds. One of my coworkers has a strawberry patch at home and has been bringing bowl after bowl after bowl of strawberries to work for everyone to enjoy. She inspired me to get some strawberry plants of my own.

The grape tomato plant was purchased to replace a Big Boy tomato plant the died. It already has two flowers.

I bought the pepper plants to supplement my own pepper plants. I dug up two of my pepper plants that I started as seeds and then planted all four yellow bell pepper plants. Now I have six pepper plants though two of them are so teensy, I’m not sure if they will ever grow.

I bought the marigolds because marigolds are supposed to help repell pests in the garden. I planted them sporadically throughout the garden.


The little green berries are so cute. I can’t wait for them to start turning red!

Roma Tomato:

Big Boy Tomato:

The tomatoes are finally starting to put on some weight.




Bush Beans:

And finally the marigolds that I grew from seeds are finally blooming!


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