CSA: Week 2

This week’s CSA share is the same as last week:

Green onions
Mustard Greens
Mixed lettuce

I did not get eggs this week though. The egg program I signed up for is a dozen every other week. I didn’t get as many radishes or green onions but I got more mixed lettuce and spinach. That’s fine by me because radishes are not my favorite thing though they are growing on me and I don’t use green onions much unless I’m making a specific recipe that calls for them.

But guess what recipe Karin handed out with the shares this week? Mustard Green Gratin – ha! She changed it to use a mix of spinach and mustard greens instead of all mustard greens but the rest of the recipe is the same. That is funny that we both found the exact same recipe. I wonder if she watches Food Network…


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