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Things I Love: Target Reusable Shopping Bag

I have always tried to take reusable shopping bags with me to the grocery store. I always have the best intentions. And I always remember that I need my bags after I’ve already left the house.

Until recently. I was walking into Target and a rack of little red somethings caught my eye. At first glance they appeared to be makeup bags. Then I looked closer and found that they were reusable shopping bags, all zipped up into their own little pouch. And the best part was the price – only $0.99!

I immediately bought one. I started keeping it in my purse at all times (I tend to carry large purses, so this was no problem). Now when I go to the grocery store, or any store really, I already have my reusable shopping bag with me. I just pop it out of my purse, unzip and it’s ready to go. I’ve already used it several times at the grocery store and I also used it this week at Home Depot.

The zipper compartment turns into a little pocket on the outside of the bag for smaller items. It seems pretty sturdy too. I’ve only had it a few weeks so we’ll see how long it lasts. At a cost of only $0.99 it’s certainly not the best reusable shopping bag on the market. But a product is only a great buy if you actually use it and so far I’m using this one quite often.

This bag is perfect for single people who don’t tend to buy a lot of groceries, or for mid-week shopping on the way home from work. The bag holds a lot of groceries – at least two plastic bags worth, maybe three (less bags to carry – yea!). For bigger grocery shopping trips I do need to invest in some bigger, sturdier, flat-bottomed reusable bags. Almost every store carries these nowadays.

Now that I always have my bag with me, there’s no excuse not to use it. Good-bye plastic bags!


2 thoughts on “Things I Love: Target Reusable Shopping Bag

  1. Here’s another cool alternative – BaggyShirts are reusable bags made from recycled men’s shirts! They are made in the US (unlike lots of reusable bags), and the folks who make them work from their homes and are paid a decent wage. Very cool….very green….check them out at

  2. Publix has this type of bag for sale for their customers too – and anytime I forget mine, I make myself purchase another one. So far, I’ve only forgotten twice.

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