Over the summer we had a lot of barbeques and grilled out a lot. So I have had a lot of leftover buns in my freezer since the summer ended. I am sick of them taking up space in my freezer but I hate to just throw them out, so I thought I could try to make croutons out of them.

I’ve never made croutons before so I first consulted Betty Crocker to see how to make them. Betty said to toast them in a pan on top of the stove. I wasn’t really feeling like standing over the stove the whole time. I looked up a crouton recipe on All Recipes to see if I could bake them instead. I found this basic recipe:


15 slices bread
¼ cup butter
2 teaspoons garlic salt (optional)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Brush bread on both sides with melted butter. Cut bread into small cubes. Sprinkle with garlic salt if desired. Arrange cubes on an ungreased cookie sheet.

Bake at 350 degrees F for 15 minutes or until browned. Let cool. Store croutons in a covered container or plastic bag. Serve in soups or salads.

Well I don’t have bread I have buns. I did not use all of these buns by the way.

Brushing each one with butter sounds like it will take too long (this from the girl who spent like 45 minutes cutting up marshmallows yesterday – ha). So here’s what I did: I cut up about 4-5 hamburger buns and 2 hot dog buns into one inch cubes. I tossed them all in a big bowl.

I melted a stick of margarine in the microwave and drizzled it on top.

I stirred it all up. Then I sprinkled a teaspoon of garlic salt on top and stirred it up again. I spread all the future croutons on a jelly roll pan

I baked them for 15 minutes, stirring every 5 minutes.

I allowed them to cool completely before storing. Make sure you allow croutons to cool completely or else they will generate moisture in the container and spoil quicker.

So is it worth it? Well these aren’t the BEST croutons I ever tasted in my life, but they aren’t bad! It is a great way to use up old buns or bread. Actually I’ve been snacking on them all night; grabbing one each time I walk by the stove. I might end up eating them all before they actually make it into a salad or bowl of soup.

I will make these again. I might try some different seasonings like dried basil or oregano for Italian croutons.


3 thoughts on “Croutons

  1. I love homemade croutons. They have a much better texture than the store bought kind, and I get to make them as big as I like. 🙂 I usually use garlic and onion powders and whatever herbs my hands fall on. And then I have to make a second batch, because I eat the first ones straight out of the oven.

  2. These croutons were awesome out of the oven but after a few days they went soft on me! I’m going to have to keep trying to get the perfect recipe.

  3. I make my homemade croutons with olive oil,garlic salt,oregano and basil. Sometimes I add parmesan cheese. My question is, how do we store them properly? I never have leftovers. My family usually eats most of them before they hit the salad. But today I made a lot! Leftover sub buns….I was thinking maybe a ziplock and then into the freezer. Just not too sure about the moisture,

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