How to Get By Without Washing Your Hair When You Really Need to Wash Your Hair

Ok we’ve all been there. Well us gals anyway. You wake up late and have to make the decision: go to work with dirty hair and get there on time or wash your hair and be late. I encountered this problem earlier this week. I had been at the baseball game the night before and got home very late. The next morning I could NOT get out of bed and by the time I finally did I had very little time to get ready and get out the door.

The problem of “no time to wash my hair” is solved by using one item in my medicine cabinet: baby powder. I sprinkle baby powder on the roots of my hair when it’s looking a bit greasy and I can stretch my shampoo one extra day. The powder soaks up the excess oil on my hair and saves me the time of washing and drying my hair (a long time for me because I have long hair).

Here’s what you do:

This must be done before you get dressed for the day. You do not want baby powder all over your clothes. Take the baby powder and sprinkle near the crown of your head or wherever your hair gets greasy. Rub the baby powder into your hair. Repeat if necessary. Style as usual.

Warning #1 – do not sprinkle too much on your hair or you will end up looking like George Washington. I usually only sprinkle it on my root area and only on the underneath sections. I usually wear my hair pulled back as well.

Warning #2 – I believe this will only work on people with light colored hair. I think if you sprinkle baby powder on dark colored hair it won’t blend in and will just make your hair look white or gray, however I have not actually tried this on someone with dark hair before. You can purchase dark hair powder that is specifically made for extending the life of your shampoo for dark-haired people. I’m fairly certain it is more expensive than baby powder though!

The Economics – I usually just buy a travel size baby powder to keep in my medicine cabinet. It costs about $0.50 and lasts quite awhile. I don’t use it regularly enough to buy a larger container. I don’t know if you’ll really save money by doing this, but you’ll use less shampoo and less water in the shower!

So is it worth it? To me, yes. I’ve been using this trick for a long time, probably once a week or every two weeks. It saves me a lot of time and allows me to get to work earlier on those days (an allows me to sleep later). Someone with dark hair will have to let me know if they have tried the dark hair powder to see if it’s worth it.

Happy Friday!


4 thoughts on “How to Get By Without Washing Your Hair When You Really Need to Wash Your Hair

  1. Hi, Amy,I have dark hair and have used this trick in the past. I now work from home, so haven’t run into this issue in the last fourteen years or so. The trick is to not use TOO much baby powder and to comb it through. Also, the texture of your hair will determine if this will work for you or not. My hair is very fine and while this trick will work for a few hours, by the end of the day I would look very wilted. I would either have to carry the powder with me or find time to run home for a quick shower.They also sell a product that is a dry shampoo. This is meant for people who are in the hospital, but can be used by anyone and does a decent job. One bottle of it should last a long time, so it might be worth the investment in this case. No, it isn’t homemade, but sometimes we have to splurge too :)Good luck to all.

  2. Hey, I haven’t used baby powder in a while since I found out the main ingredient is talc which can be cancer causing. I’m guessing that’s what’s in your baby powder, so I just thought I’d let you know if you didn’t already! Look it up if you don’t want to take a strangers word for it 🙂 I use baking powder, cornstarch or topica starch and either works great!
    Also, love your post on dog treats and homemade toilet cleaner, trying them tomorrow. Thank you 🙂

  3. Hi All, I read somewhere about using pure cocoa powder mixed with a little corn starch (which is more absorbent than the cocoa) for darker hair – haven’t tried it yet, but I suppose it could work and would make any residue less conspicuous in my dark hair.

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