Homemade Chocolate Fondue

The only way to follow up cheese fondue is with a yummy pot of chocolate fondue. The picture on this post is of the chocolate fondue I made just this past weekend. To make it yourself, follow the recipe below. You do not need a special fondue pot to make chocolate fondue.

Milk Chocolate Fondue

1 bag milk chocolate chips
1/3 cup whipping cream

Some suggested dippers:
Pound cake
Big marshmallows
Brownie bites

Place the chocolate chips and the whipping cream in a small crock pot or sauce pan on low. Stir occasionally to combine. If using a saucepan, transfer fondue to a heatproof bowl once ingredients are melted and combined. Dip and swirl the suggested dippers or anything you choose in the chocolate fondue. If fondue seems thick, reheat or add more cream and stir to combine.

A few yummy variations to try: stir in a glop of peanut butter, a handful of white chocolate chips, a drizzle of caramel, or a spoonful of marshmallow fluff.

So is it worth it? Of course! If you look at it from a cost perspective, it is much more cost effective to make chocolate fondue at home. Chocolate Fondue for two at the Melting Pot costs $14.95. When you add in two glasses of wine at $8.00 each and 7.5% tax and 20% tip the total comes to approximately $40.

The cost of making chocolate fondue at home will vary depending on what dippers you choose. Strawberries will raise your total cost. When I made chocolate fondue last weekend I spend $1.58 on a bag of milk chocolate chips, $1.23 on a half pint of whipping cream, $3.12 on a frozen pound cake and $0.99 on a brownie mix which I made into brownie bites. I already had a bag of big marshmallows in my freezer, so I pulled out a few of those. I only used half the pound cake, so I put the remaining half in the freezer for next time. That makes my total cost $5.76 when you add 7.5% sales tax. Add in a bottle of wine and you are still way below the cost of chocolate fondue at a restaurant.

Chocolate fondue is even easier than cheese fondue. It’s really fun to serve for special occasions. You can make a meal out of cheese fondue and chocolate fondue together! You can serve chocolate fondue after a dinner at home, or make chocolate fondue at home after a dinner out instead of ordering desert at the restaurant.

If you have any other ideas for fondue variations or dippers or have made chocolate fondue at home, please leave a comment!


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