Mahalo Rice & Beans

Hi there.  Just a quick note to share a new recipe I made this week.  It's another great rice and beans recipe from No Meat Athlete.  The first one I made was Baltimorean Rice & Beans which I mentioned in one of my meal plans.  I've made it several times and Benzo and I really like… Continue reading Mahalo Rice & Beans


Hein? Un Ananas?

Hein?  Un ananas?  means Huh? A pineapple? in French.  You probably don't find that very funny.  But if you were in my senior year French AP class you would find it hilarious.  We even made t-shirts (puff paint!) with pineapples on them and that phrase.  It's funny because when you say it in French it… Continue reading Hein? Un Ananas?