Rigatoni Peperona-ta-ta

Good evening.  It's getting a bit late but I wanted to share tonight's dinner.  I made Rigatoni Peperonata from the August issue of Real Simple.  It. Was. So. Good. It was very easy to pull together.  It does require chopping three bell peppers but that went a lot faster than I expected.  And make sure… Continue reading Rigatoni Peperona-ta-ta


Roast a Red Pepper

Sorry for the lack of posts this week.  I've had an extracurricular activity going on every single night after work!  And the tiling process in the kitchen has been slow-going and stressful and it is keeping me from cooking anything.  Benzo and I have either been eating out or having cold sandwiches and cereal.  I don't think… Continue reading Roast a Red Pepper


End of the Week Roasted Veggies

 It's Saturday - the end of the week!  Since I do my grocery shopping on Sundays, by Saturday I'm at the bottom of the barrel food-wise.  I probably have a few vegetables lying around that somehow did not get consumed during the week and need to be used up.  This is a great time to make "End of… Continue reading End of the Week Roasted Veggies