Early April Garden Update

Wow I did not have time to blog at all yesterday.  I was busy again at work and then when I got home I had a ton of laundry to do and I had to work on my taxes (since they are due on Thursday!) and do a bit more work-work too.  I did find… Continue reading Early April Garden Update


Planting Potatoes

I'm finally home and wow I'm tired!  Work really got busy today and I ended up staying at the office till 7pm.  Thank goodness for daylight savings time.  I was so glad that it was still light outside when I left. I'm just going to do a quick post for now and then I have… Continue reading Planting Potatoes


We Have Sprouts

I went out to the garden when I got home from work last night.  Everything looks the same right? Look a little closer, my friends..... SPROUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those sprouts above are radishes.  This is lettuce: Hello sprout babies!  Welcome to the garden! Radishes and baby lettuce should be ready on May 1st.  Gah I'm so excited!


Three Week Seed Update

Three weeks ago today I started my first seeds of the season indoors - roma tomatoes, various peppers and brussel sprouts.  About a week later they started to sprout.  And about a week after that, I started thinning them out. Now three weeks later, here's what they look like.  First the roma tomatoes: They are the tallest and best… Continue reading Three Week Seed Update


Show Me Your Sprouts

Look who decided to make an appearance last Friday: These little guys are the Pompeii Roma tomatoes I started last Sunday.  They were popping up when I got home on Friday night. I also planted bell peppers, jalapenos and brussel sprouts last weekend and none of them have decided to show their faces yet.  I'm… Continue reading Show Me Your Sprouts

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Weekend Wrap Up: Ingredient & Seed Shopping

Wow this past weekend was a busy one!  I did a lot of fun things so I thought I would share them. On Friday night I met Benzo after work and we went to dinner at Ingredient.  Neither of us had ever been there before so we were excited to try a new place. Ingredient… Continue reading Weekend Wrap Up: Ingredient & Seed Shopping