Spring is Here!

I feel like Spring is officially here.  And I couldn't be happier about it! We've had the most gorgeous weekend.  Today it got up to 87 degrees F.  After church Benzo and I stopped by the ILs house to borrow some tools (Benzo had to fix the lawn mower today), had lunch and then he graciously sat… Continue reading Spring is Here!


How to Plant Zucchini

I planted zucchini almost 10 days ago now!  I meant to post these pictures early last week but because of my travels I didn't quite get to it.  Better late than never so here we go: On my way to the garden I stopped by the shed to get my tools and seeds.  When I… Continue reading How to Plant Zucchini


We Have Sprouts

I went out to the garden when I got home from work last night.  Everything looks the same right? Look a little closer, my friends..... SPROUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those sprouts above are radishes.  This is lettuce: Hello sprout babies!  Welcome to the garden! Radishes and baby lettuce should be ready on May 1st.  Gah I'm so excited!