Coffee Grinds & Egg Shells

We have not yet started a compost at our new house.  We should've gotten on it as soon as we moved in, but composters can be expensive and we had some other things that took precedence.  At our old house we had a really big, 3 section composter that FIL built.  We also had a… Continue reading Coffee Grinds & Egg Shells


Everyday Composting

If you are thinking about starting a garden this year, you should consider starting a compost pile.  Composting is recycling in its simplest form.  In a bin or a pile you throw together all kinds of organic matter.  Stuff you would normally throw away like vegetable scraps and leaves.  Then all the little micro-organisms work… Continue reading Everyday Composting


Compost Part II

This week I’m all about gardening so here’s another gardening related post. Back in November I posted Compost Part I where I talked about how I wanted to start a compost in my backyard in anticipation of gardening this year. Well back then I honestly wasn’t sure if my compost would ever come to fruition… Continue reading Compost Part II