End of the Week Roasted Veggies

 It's Saturday - the end of the week!  Since I do my grocery shopping on Sundays, by Saturday I'm at the bottom of the barrel food-wise.  I probably have a few vegetables lying around that somehow did not get consumed during the week and need to be used up.  This is a great time to make "End of… Continue reading End of the Week Roasted Veggies


Surprise Harvest

Look what we found in the garden today: Surprise! The carrots we planted last fall (and never picked) had survived the crazy snow. The snow has finally melted almost all the way so we were able to go check out the garden this afternoon. And we dug up these carrots. We already tried one and… Continue reading Surprise Harvest


Cheesy Turnips & Carrots

In my fourth CSA share I received turnips which I have never purchased, cooked or eaten before. They never really sounded appealing to me before. However now that they were in my possession I felt the need to at least try them. I researched recipes and found this one. I figure you can put cheese… Continue reading Cheesy Turnips & Carrots