The Tale of the Beet Smoothie

Beets and I have an iffy relationship.  Ok I don't really like them.  I've tried them several different ways over the years and we just haven't connected yet.  They always taste a little "earthy" to me, in other words they taste like dirt. We have a subscription to Door to Door Organics and in the… Continue reading The Tale of the Beet Smoothie



Until recently the mulberry trees in our yard and our neighbors yard have been nothing more than a nuisance. They drop berries all over the yard and the birds eat them and then poo purple everywhere. Then one day last week FIL started talking about mulberries and how him and his sister used to eat… Continue reading Mulberries


Cranberry Sauce

Until last year the only cranberry sauce I knew came out of a can. Turns out, homemade cranberry sauce is a snap to make. Cranberry Sauce 12 ounces cranberries 1 cup sugar 1 cup orange juice First rinse the cranberries and sort out any bad ones. Next combine orange juice and sugar in a medium… Continue reading Cranberry Sauce