I’m Knitting Again

I’m very excited to report that I have picked up an old hobby again:


I picked up knitting right after I finished college and started my “real job”.  I don’t remember why I started.  It was kind of a thing at the time and I thought it would be cool I suppose.  I taught myself with some cheap needles and yarn from Walmart and the website  It appears that website has been updated because it sure looks a lot different than I remember!

I knitted very consistently for several years and even sold a few scarves here and there at craft shows.  I never really made any money, I just liked to knit and a person only needs so many scarves.  Then I quietly dropped the hobby as I moved on to other things.  I haven’t knitted anything for at least 3, maybe 4 years.  Luckily I kept all my supplies and a stash of yarn so that when I got the urge to pick up the hobby again I was ready to go.

Here is a picture of my new project:

It doesn’t look like much yet.  And I can’t tell you what it is either because it will most likely be a gift and I don’t want the person to find out!  Even though I had a stash of yarn and needles in almost all sizes, I still bought new yarn and new needles for this project.  Of course!  I splurged on the new needles, getting a nice bamboo set of Size 10, 36″ circular needles.  I did not have that size in my stash so it was a valid purchase.  And I used a 40% off Michaels coupon which serves as further justification.

Fall is a great time to pick up knitting.  If you have never tried it before, check out some knitting websites like Craft Yarn Council for simple instructions.  You could also check out a book from the library or take a class at a local craft shop.  For supplies, start with the cheap stuff.  Knitting supplies can be found at Michaels, Hobby Lobby or Joann.  I also used to buy them at Walmart and I think they still sell them there.  Depending on what the websites or books say, I would recommend a larger size needle like size 10 or 11 and a chunky yarn like Lion Brand Jiffy.  From there if you decide you like the hobby you can move on to nicer needles and yarn.

If you are a knitter, what you like best about knitting?  For me, it’s the thought of creating this beautiful item out of a simple string and two sticks.  I think it’s amazing!  Oh and don’t worry I will post my finished project after it has been given to its intended recipient.

Happy knitting!


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