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Egg in a (Heart) Nest

February 6, 2015

Egg in a nest.  I’m definitely not reinventing the wheel here as egg in a nest has been around forever.  I remember making it myself as a girl.  I had forgotten about it until just the other day my older son and I were up earlier than the other two in our family.  Since we had some time to ourselves I thought it would be fun to make egg in a nest for breakfast.  And for a special twist we used a heart cookie cutter instead of the standard glass.


Here’s how we made it:

  • Using a glass or a cookie cutter, cut a hole in the middle of a slice of bread (kids can do this part!)
  • Butter both sides of the bread if desired.
  • Heat a skillet to medium-high heat.
  • Place bread in the skillet.  Crack an egg in the hole.
  • Cook until egg starts to whiten and bread gets toasty.  Flip and cook on the other side until egg is cooked through.

I had forgotten how fun this breakfast is to make and eat.  My son really enjoyed the whole process.  With Valentine’s Day coming up this would be a fun activity to do with your kids.


Craft Drawer Organization

February 2, 2015

In my last post I mentioned organization and how I’d like more of it.  There’s one organization project I did complete over the holidays and I am pretty proud of the result.  It’s the “craft” drawer, aka the “drawer where you cram a whole bunch of crap”.

Right off our kitchen we have a set of cabinets and at the bottom is this very wide, very deep drawer.  In the drawer we stored all of our craft supplies and anything else we needed to get rid of fast when trying to sit down to dinner.

IMG_8418.JPG My kids love to do crafts so we have a plethora of craft supplies.  The obvious problem with the craft drawer is that we couldn’t find anything in there without a significant effort.  The other problem is that the drawer was so disorganized and crammed full that the contents ended up all over the kitchen.  We stopped putting them away and ended up piling them on the counters.  Then the crafts started getting mixed up with other stuff and it was just a downhill spiral from there.

The first thing I did was empty the entire contents of the drawer onto the dining room table.  Can you believe all of THAT was in one drawer?
IMG_8419.JPG I sorted out all the trash and used up supplies that needed to be discarded.  Then I made a list of everything that was in the drawer and started grouping it into categories like stickers, crayons, markers, stamps, etc.

I knew I wanted vertical storage so that supplies would be easy to get in and out of the drawer and not be piled on top of each other.  I also knew I wanted slots for the different kinds of paper to keep it organized.  I measured the size of the drawer and made a trip to Michael’s and Joann and also looked online before I finally found exactly what I was looking for at Hobby Lobby.  And it was the Iris Portable Project Case.
IMG_8426.JPG It was the perfect size to slide vertically into the drawer.  I ended up purchasing seven of them after going back to Hobby Lobby over several days using a 40% off coupon each time.  Each case holds different supplies and I even labeled them with my label maker.  Fancy I know.

Along one side of the drawer I inserted cardboard dividers (custom cut by Benzo from miscellaneous boxes we were going to recycle).  Now there are slots for construction paper, coloring paper, cardstock and cutting paper.  If you are wondering “cutting paper” is miscellaneous junk mail we toss in there for when the older one likes to practice cutting.
IMG_8427.JPG The finished drawer ended up with seven new cases plus one case we already had (the smaller blueish one labeled stamps).  There’s a bit of space along the side to slide in the chalkboards, a really big coloring book, and a little dry erase board.  Then on the other side from the paper slots there are a few smaller cases that are stacked on top of each other that hold things like pencils, scissors, beads and other smaller items.  They are small so they are easy to shift around in the drawer.
IMG_8425.JPG The best part about the whole thing is that it has actually WORKED.  Now my 3 year old can get out a box and take it to the table and do a project.  Then when he wants to do something else, we can gently encourage him :) to put away the current box before getting out another box.  Also when we are trying to clear the table for dinner, it’s much easier to put craft supplies away and slide the cases in the drawer instead of just tossing everything on the counter in a big jumble.

Before and after:

Don’t get me wrong, our kitchen is still cluttery, but it’s definitely LESS cluttery with this new system.  I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.  I am also proud of myself for my plan of attack.  Assessing the situation, researching options and finally putting it into action.  It’s so tempting to go out and buy a bunch of organizing supplies without really knowing what you need.  Those craft supplies sat on my dining room table for a good three days before it was all back in the drawer.  That was tough even for me!

Hopefully this sparks an organization idea in you.  I know even just posting about it has given me more motivation to tackle the next project – the upper cabinets!


Hello Again.

January 30, 2015

Hello there!  I’m climbing out of my cave and thinking about posting again regularly on my blog.  If you scroll down a teeny bit you’ll see that I haven’t posted since October 1, 2013.  Yikes!

So what’s new with me?  Well I am still a working mom of two boys.  Not long after my second boy was born was when I had to take a break from blogging.  There just wasn’t enough time for everything and since blogging is a hobby, not a job, it was something I could easily let go.  But life keeps on changing and now my baby is a toddler and I might be able to squeeze in a few posts now and then.

I still love to make stuff myself though my focus has shifted a bit in recent years.  I used to post mainly about food and cooking.  I still love to cook and experiment with food, however it’s hard to try new recipes when cooking for children.  Meals need to be healthy and stuff my kids will eat and most importantly they need to be ready fast!  So we tend to rely on the same dinners over and over again.  And that’s fine.  It works for our family right now.

Lately I’ve been thinking about organization tactics.  I’d like to make a real effort this year to get the house a little more organized.  We have a LOT of clutter everywhere and it’s really hard to get under control.  I feel very overwhelmed and most of the time I end up watching Netflix instead of doing anything about it!  So I might be posting a little bit about organization and what I’m trying at home.

And since I have two little kids you will likely see some posts about kid stuff – craft projects, learning activities, games, etc.  For Christmas this year Benzo and I gave the boys almost all DIY gifts that we made ourselves in some fashion.  I will try to post those because I’m pretty proud of how they turned out!

Also I’ve recently become obsessed with capsule wardrobes!  I am searching Pinterest all the time for ideas and I have just started working on slimming down my closet.  Maybe I’ll do a write up on that depending on how far I go with it.  If you are interested in capsule wardrobes, check out the blog Unfancy.

During my time off I’ve still gained a few followers so if you are a new reader, here are links to some of my more popular posts:

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How I Cloth Diaper as a Working Mom (we actually don’t cloth diaper anymore :( )

Have a great weekend!


Kale Pesto

October 1, 2013

While I’ve been on maternity leave I’ve really been enjoying going to the farmers’ market on Wednesday mornings. It’s something I normally can never do because I have to be at work. Big brother goes to parents’ day out on Wednesdays, so I drop him off and then head over to the market with the little one.

The mid-week market is a lot less crowded than the Saturday market so it is very relaxing. I can push the stroller up and down the aisle perusing the veggies at my leisure. This past Wednesday the fall produce was really starting to come out. I picked up a butternut squash and some sweet potatoes. I also grabbed a zucchini and a couple of cucumbers. And at every stall there were beautiful bunches of fresh kale. They were so pretty I had to get one.

I originally thought I would make Baltimorean style rice and beans with the kale but then I remembered that you can make pesto out of kale. Our basil plants have already gone to seed, a result of inattention due to a newborn, and I don’t have quite enough pesto stockpiled in the freezer for the off season. Kale is plentiful in the fall and kale pesto just might fill in the gap.

There are quite a few kale pesto recipes out there on the interwebs. Some with just kale and some with kale and basil combined. I originally was going to follow this recipe:

Kale & Walnut Pesto @ Love and Lemons

I wasn’t sure of the proportions of ingredients as I was reading through it so I ended up using my old stand-by recipe and subbing kale for the basil. Here is the finished product tossed with pasta and cherry tomatoes from our garden.


Kale Pesto
Makes 1 – 1 1/2 cups

1 bunch kale (mine was 6 leaves, some big some small)
1/2 cup walnuts
2/3 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1 large garlic clove
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp black pepper
2/3 cup+ olive oil

Bring a large pot of salted water to a full rolling boil. Meanwhile wash kale and trim the leaves from the large stems. Prepare a large bowl of ice water. Once water is boiling, blanch kale leaves in boiling water for approximately 30 seconds. Immediately place kale leaves in ice bath to stop the cooking. Lay kale leaves out on a towel and pat dry.

With food processor running, add peeled garlic clove to finely chop. Add all remaining ingredients and process until combined, scraping sides of bowl as necessary. I found that I needed a couple extra drizzles of olive oil to get the pesto to the consistency I desired.

The pesto turned out great! We all really enjoyed it, including the two year old. I wonder if kale pesto counts as a vegetable? Honestly though it mostly tastes like garlic, cheese and oil. Not that that’s a bad thing!

I am planning on making a few more batches to freeze while kale is still in season this fall. Pesto is so good on everything. In fact I’m considering making pesto egg sandwiches for breakfast this morning!

Baked Spaghetti Squash, Margarita Style

September 21, 2013

Ran across this recipe on Pinterest last week. When I saw spaghetti squash at the market on Wednesday I knew what dinner would be that night!

Baked Margarita Spaghetti Squash @ Hoopfinity’s Happenings


The recipe was really easy and had few ingredients. Benzo and I both really liked it. And we even got our 2 year old to try it by conveniently leaving out the word “squash” and just calling it spaghetti. He ate a few bites which I was happy with.

Next time I would add more tomatoes and basil. Also the spaghetti squash on its own was not enough dinner for either of us. We were both a little hungry afterwards. I would definitely serve a big green salad with lots of fixings alongside next time. Or maybe some quinoa bites.

Overall though the recipe made me want to eat spaghetti squash more often. I’m going to search for other recipes to try. If anyone has a favorite please share!

Curtain Tie Backs

September 17, 2013

I suddenly have a bit of time to myself this morning and thought I would write up this blog that’s been sitting in my head for awhile. Benzo took the big kid to an art class and the little one is asleep in the swing next to me. I should probably clean up the pile of dishes sitting in front of me but blogging is a lot more appealing. I’m feeling much more rested this week but only because I’ve made sleep a high priority. Which means almost everything else is not a priority – dishes, laundry, cleaning have all fallen by the wayside. I’m trying to be cool about it because I know it’s only for a short while and spending time with my family while I’m off work is a lot more important!

So today’s post is on another craft project I did for the nursery. The first one I wrote about was the whale canvas nursery art project where I used my painting skills. Well I also dusted off my sewing skills for the nursery and was quite pleased with the result!

I originally was going to make curtains for the nursery. But the nursery has three windows which means I would’ve had to sew six curtain panels. See I have this problem of thinking I can do everything, including sewing six curtain panels in the last month of pregnancy, among other projects. For possibly the first time I was realistic with myself and decided I would not sew the curtain panels. Instead I bought cheap panels at target and sewed simple tie-backs for said curtains. The end result:

20130831-081434.jpgI started out using the following blog as a guide:

How to Make Curtain Tie Backs @ Homemade Ginger

I didn’t read the instructions correctly so my end result is a bit different. The first set I made as written in the blog except I did not top stitch around the entire strip after turning right side out. This was the part I read incorrectly. I turned my strip inside out and folded in the open edge. Then I just slip stitched the open side closed. I think I actually like it this way better.

After the first set I decided I wanted them shorter in length. I learned that the length is going to depend on your curtains. If you have thick or fluffy curtains you may need a longer tie back. Or if you don’t want your curtains pulled back very far. After hanging up the first set I wanted my windows to let in more light when pulled back so I shortened the length of the strip from 22 inches to 19 inches, pre-sewing. That worked out great. So I would recommend testing out the tie back with a measuring tape or string to see if the length is appropriate, before you start sewing.

The curtain tie backs were super simple to make and they really add a special touch to plain cheap curtains. It was the perfect compromise for me. If you have basic sewing skills you can make these!



Lentil Tomato Salad

September 10, 2013

I made this recipe twice in one week so it must be good.

I originally found it when I was looking for a vegetarian main dish/side dish to take to dinner at my dad’s house on Labor Day. My step mom asked me to bring a side so I wanted something veg-friendly that everyone could sample while also working as a main dish for me. This dish fit the bill.

Lentil Salad with Tomato and Dill @ Epicurious

Bonus that I could use tomatoes and basil from my garden.

At the Labor Day dinner I served it as is. We had a lot of leftovers as usual. My family is funny about food. They will happily eat processed food without question but are always wary of whatever I bring because its “vegetarian”.

Benzo and I didn’t mind the leftovers though because we both loved this dish. It made a really delicious and light lunch for us both for the next two days. We ate it as a wrap with lettuce and chopped cucumber on a whole wheat tortilla (pictured above). Highly recommend the wrap version!

The first time I made this dish I made it as written using approximately 3/4 cup of small French green lentils (all I had leftover from another recipe) and approximately 1/4 cup of regular brown lentils. The second time I made this dish was last Sunday for a church pot luck. I used all regular brown lentils. I thought it was great both ways.

As I made this lentil dish on Sunday I thought how nice it would be to have the leftovers for lunch this week. So wouldn’t you know it there were NO leftovers! I was sad to not have leftovers but happy that the church liked it!


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